My amigurumi

Crocheted bunnie, kittie and piggie.

I’ve just fallen in a deep love with those little cuties. Though it takes much time and effort to complete one by one, they make me happy at the final stage. Look! They’re so lovely.

1079117_10152341957512788_1659633978_o    292985_10151614121948967_185424681_n

Bunnie is the one I still keep by my side. It presents for my age and my characteristics somehow.


The kittie was gifted to one of my closed friend on an occasion of her Master’s commencement. She liked it and that made me so excited.


The piggie was also gifted to another of my closed friend. Her name means ‘pink’ that may be a reason the color is one of her favorite. Another interesting thing is she loves pigs, esp pink pigs. It might result from the capacity of food she can eat. Can you guess how big she is? =]]


And here are the samples in instruction e-book. Those I made are so quite different than what they actually look like in the e-book. =]] They are still so cute somehow. And I love them so much.

amigurumi_2924 (26) amigurumi_2924 (30) amigurumi_2924 (34)